How it works

stoken-op-biogas-diagramResearchers say that Methanogenic bacteria are one of the oldest life forms on the planet. They exist in many different natural habitats. Wherever there is an amount of organic matter/biodegradable material, an absence of oxygen and some heat, methanogenic bacteria can thrive. Methanogenic bacteria exist in the metabolism of animals. That’s where BEOFS gets its starter culture. Once the conditions are right and maintained these methanogenic bacteria will happily digest matter and produce a methane gas in the process. The task is then to capture that gas and use its calorific value to work for you either by burning it in a boiler to produce heat or use it as a fuel for a gas engine to turn a turbine and produce electrical power.


The Environment

AD is one of the most comprehensive ways of addressing a variety of environmental issues. There is a win win win…

  1. It is a means of recovering waste into a higher grade usable product; Liquid fertiliser. The fertiliser is a valued product by the farming community. It is relatively odourless and has a high NP&K value. Did you know Artificial fertiliser is very heavy on the environment to produce.
  2. Another valuable by product is the methane gas. This has similar properties to natural gas and can be used as a fuel for a gas engine to drive a turbine to produce electricity. the electrical energy can be used on site for the processing of material and for selling on further through a grid system to other end users.
  3. The heat from the working turbine engine can be used for space heating in houses or other purposes. Wood drying or green houses and other enterprises can be supported.