A Brief History of BEOFS

plan-elevationPerformanceThe biogas idea at BEOFS as a means to supply energy in a renewable manner was first conceived in 1995. A small group of enthusiasts of the Camphill Community Ballytobin were looking towards expansion and to building a new state of the art performance venue and community centre. The question of heat and energy demand came strongly. “How can we meet the increasing demand and do it in a renewable manner”. Another consideration was that it would have an enterprise about it; Something that would provide meaningful activity and work for people who needed support.”

BEOFS was soon incorporated as a subsidiary to the Camphill. Its mission was “To be a research, design, build and operate company”. After its formation it went on research ventures to Germany and the UK.

midletonWith Leader regional development funding from the Barrow Nore Suir development agency, the department of Agriculture pilot project funding and EU Horizon R&D funding the project gained greater viability.
It bought a site from one of our good neigbours The Gabbet family in the beautiful Grinzel oak forest. (Which supplies oak for the wooden casks that make the world renowned Middleton “Dair Ghaelach” brand of irish whiskey).

From this base the facility was constructed and in 1998 the first Biogas was produced. It has been meeting the heat needs of the community since this time right up to the present day, processing 5000 tons of waste annually.